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Domestic News
Guang Lian Dung Quat plant started in 2014
On 27/11, the provincial leadership Quang Ngai has worked with the E-United Group, JFE Steel Corporation (Japan) Co., Ltd. Guang Lian Steel Vietnam to hear preliminary report assessment survey-feasibility of Guang Lian Steel project in Dung Quat.
At the meeting, Mr Nobuyuki Nada Deputy General Director JFE Group has reported an overview of the steel plant project Guang Lian Dung Quat.

Accordingly, the plant uses technology produced in the blast furnace process, with first phase capacity of 3.5 million tons/year and employing 3500 worker, the second stage will increase to 7 million tons/year and recruitment 7000 employees.

Plant main products is the thin steel used for construction, oto, steel pipes and tubes.

The main materials of plant is iron ore, mainly from Australia. Mr Nobuyuki Nada preliminary report infrastructure (sport, electricity, water, etc..), plant equipments, environmental protection and assess the effectiveness of the project in the future.

Intended, 6/2014 is expected to start construction of the plant. Chairman of People Committee of Quang Ngai province Cao Khoa agree to the basic content of the investment
projects which stated that project investor started; simultaneously expressed confidence JFE Group  with the capacity and experience existing plant will develop a schedule, the commitment to the province.

The province committed to creating the most favorable  conditions for investors successfully implement projects Dung Quat Economic Zone.

Steel plant project Guang Lian Dung Quat 100% foreign investment, with total investment of 4.5 billion USD, which was built in Binh Dong Commune, Binh Son district, the Dung Quat economic zone, the province Quang Ngai, covering  an area  of 504 ha of land use.

Project implementation period is 69 years from the date of issuance of the investment certificate.

Source: TTXVN

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